Student Innovation Grants

Students often ask us about the types of projects that their peers have received funding for through the Innovation Grants.

While the projects are varied, they all share a few major themes:

  • show a direct benefit to the Collaboration
  • have clearly identified participants from the three schools
  • have well-developed plans for execution

A sampling of past Innovation Grant awards submitted by student applicants:


Problem Solving Showdown (Spring 2015)

 Problem Solving Showdown aims to inspire creative thinking among high school students through mentorship of college students from BOW colleges. Students will need to find a solution to a common social problem, such as the lack of access to clean water globally. This twenty-four hour competition will focus solely on the ideation process and help promote BOW colleges to prospective high school students, while allowing BOW students to collaborate with each other. Our aim is to bring a diverse group of high school students to BOW colleges to learn more about the college experience and develop important life skills.

Team leaders:
Dan Coley, student, Babson College

 Prabha Dublish, student, Babson College

Team members:
Nijanth Velmanikandan, Jamie Traverso, Michael Rothstein, Students, Babson College
Shaina Ma, Student, Wellesley College
Melissa Manwaring, Professor, Babson College
William Huss, Professor, Babson College

Cross-Campus Club Funding (Spring 2015)

Requested funding to support events sponsored by clubs from different campuses and to incentivize cross campus club events. We’re hoping that this will both show students that collaboration can be easy and rewarding and to plant seeds for further collaboration in the future. While extra funding would work, we’d also like to host an event that attracts club leaders from the three campuses to come and meet each other and see if there is potential for collaboration.

Team Leader: Shane Skikne, Olin College

Team members: 
Christopher Maddox, VP of Campus Activities, Babson
Charlotte Harris, College Gov’t VP, Wellesley
Mitch Ciemenski, Organizer and Campus Promoter, Olin
Arjun Rajesh, Organizer and Campus Promoter, BOW student ambassador, Babson



Three College Collaboration Weekend Shuttle (Spring 2015)

The Three College Collaboration Weekend Shuttle is an effort to better the communication
between the students at Babson, Olin, and Wellesley. The initiative’s main focus is to
promote interactions between the students of the three institutions by making it easier for
students to visit the other colleges. We believe that this will result in sustained collaboration
at the student level, thereby enhancing the Babson-Olin-Wellesley relationship.

View the new shuttle hours HERE.


Team leaders:
Ian Hill and Arjun Rajesh, BOW student ambassadors, Olin and Babson Colleges.


Sustainable Skill Share Day

“Our project is to organize a Sustainable Skill Share Day … [that] will actively promote skills and practices that address sustainability, pulling together faculty, staff, and Students to collaboratively share valuable and practical skills to live more sustainable lifestyles.”

Click to read an UPDATE.

  • Leader: Eliana Blaine, Student, Wellesley College
  • Team Members:  Ellen Bechtel and Sophia Garcia, Students, Wellesley College; Alden Griffith,  Environmental Studies Program Assistant Professor, Wellesley College; Jessica Hunter,Environmental Studies Program Coordinator, Ji Hyang, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Buddhist Community, Wellesley College; Alejandro Romo, Student, Babson College;  Bradley George, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Babson College, Vikki Rodgers, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Babson College, James Hunt, Associate Professor of Management, Babson College, Danielle Krcmar, Artist In Residence, Babson College; Celeste D. Maisel, Ben Chapman, Gabriella Waldman-Fried, Students, Olin College; Benjamin Linder,Associate Professor of Design and Mechanical Engineering, Olin College; Andrew DeMelie, Facilities Staff, Olin College


“Mixcal … aggregates all the events from the three college calendars, all the public Facebook events held by students at all three colleges…Students are able to search and browse all the events going on at the three colleges.”

(Mixcal no longer exists--BOW now uses the BOW Events Calendar)


  • Leader: Andrew Huang, Student, Babson College
  • Team Members:  Janice Yellin, Professor of Art History, Babson College, Steven Gold, Senior Partner for Entrepreneurship, Babson College, Antonette Ho, Manager Entrepreneur Programs Babson College, Michael Chmura, Director of Public Relations, Babson College, Gene Begin,Director of Digital Marketing, Babson College, Jamie Weiss Doherty,  Director, Campus & Community Events, Janet Strimaitis, Managing Director, Arthur Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, Babson College; Joanne Kossuth, Vice President of Development, Olin College,Joe Hunter, Director of Communication, Olin College,  Alyson Goodrow, Associate Director of Communication, Olin College; Elizabeth Gildersleeve, Associate Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs, Wellesley College, Ravi Ravishanker, Chief Information Officer, Wellesley College, Soe Lin Post, Director of Design, Wellesley College