Cross-Registration: Babson to Wellesley


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Wellesley College encourages students to take advantage of opportunities for cross-registration. In order to make your experience with cross-registration more enjoyable, we recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the BOW Rules.


If you are planning on cross-registering for 100 level courses for the Fall Semester, please note that your registration requests will not be processed until early September.


To begin the cross-registration process, a Petition for Cross Enrollment must be submitted.


Log into the Babson Hub and click on Class Dean E-Forms located under the Academic section of the Smart Tools. The Petition for Cross Enrollment requires the approval of the appropriate division chair.


After completing this process, the student should expect to hear from Wellesley College's Registrar's office who will be in touch regarding enrollment.




Special note about Fall courses only: Because Wellesley first years sign up for their courses during their orientation period in late August, Wellesley does not process Babson requests for freshman-level courses (i.e., 100-level) until their first day of classes. Please follow the following procedure:


  • Submit your request through the Babson Hub during the registration period.  It will be possible to cross-register at the beginning of the semester, but making your request earlier is better.
  • You will receive an email from Wellesley notifying you that you will automatically be registered around their first day of classes, immediately after their first-years have registered.  (This assumes that there is room in the class you wish to take.)




It will be your responsibility to notify both the Wellesley Registrar and the Babson Registrar if you decide you do not wish to take the course.  The assumption will be that since you submitted a request, you do want to take the course.  If you know that you are no longer interested in a particular course, please let both offices know right away so that someone else will have the opportunity to get into the course.


You may add a Wellesley course as late as the end of their add period (see Dates section on this website).  Plan to submit a Visiting Student Card as the best way to add a Wellesley course once classes have begun, but please also submit a request through the Babson Hub as usual.

Also use the Visiting Student Card for any course that requires the instructor’s permission. Take the card to class, get the instructor’s signature signifying permission, and deliver it to the Registrar’s Office on the 1st Floor of the Schneider Center.  The card is available from the Babson Registrar.
Dropping a Course: The notification email that you receive from Wellesley confirming your registration contains deadlines for dropping and for signing up for a credit/non option, when available. Taking a course at another institution through cross-registration means that you abide by all their rules and deadlines. Please note that their deadlines may be much earlier than Babson’s. At no time may you drop a cross-registered course through the Babson Hub.



Students must notify both the Babson Registrar’s Office and the Wellesley Registrar’s Office to drop or withdraw from a cross-registered course.