Cross-Registration: Olin to Babson


    to   Babson

In order to make your experience with cross-registration more enjoyable, we recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the BOW Rules.

Students may cross-register to Babson during the fall and spring semesters for a maximum of one course per semester, subject to availability. All cross-registered students are subject to the rules and sanctions of Babson College. This includes, but is not limited to, academic honesty and integrity policies, as well as add/drop, and withdrawal policies. The Babson academic calendar may not align with the academic calendar of your home college or university. For example, course start and end dates as well as the spring break period may vary. Students must plan accordingly.

Students may cross-register to Babson beginning on the first day of the Babson undergraduate add/drop period. Students will be notified via email if registration is successful and will be sent Babson network account activation information.

Babson courses may be taken for a letter grade only.

Students must notify both their Registrar’s Office and Babson's Registrar’s Office to drop or withdraw from a cross registered course.

*Students cannot cross register for FME (Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship) at Babson.*

For a list of courses available at Babson please click HERE.


Cross-Registration Process

In order to submit a cross-registration request, use the cross-registration portlet under the MyStAR tab at The Registrar will work with the host school to facilitate the registration.