BOW Big Ideas 2


Thursday October 29, 2015

Wellesley College Library Lecture Room 5:30-7:30p



5:30 Dinner catered by El Oriental de Cuba, Jamaica Plain

6:15 Big Ideas talks

7:15 Desserts


BOW Faculty and Staff Speakers


What To Do When You’re New

Keith Rollag | Associate Professor and Chair, Management Division, Babson College


Knotty Problems:  Building Community through Informal Micro-teaching Conversations

Alexander Diesl| Associate Professor of Mathematics, Wellesley College


Library as __________

Jeff Goldenson | Library Director, Olin College


The Prosperity Model: Innovations in Restoring Lives After Slavery and Exploitation

Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg| Professor of English and Chair, Arts and Humanities Division, Babson College


The Experiences of Undergraduate African American Women as they Persist in Engineering

Ellise LaMotte|Director of Academic Services, Olin College


Zero-Wasting Our Schools

Sharon Bort| Sustainability Coordinator, Wellesley College

Alex Davis| Sustainability Office Coordinator, Babson College


Organizing Committee: Veronica Darer & Oscar Fernandez (Wellesley); Sinan Erzurumlu & Rick Cleary (Babson); Zhenya Zastavker & Jean Huang (Olin)

BOW Big Ideas logo designed by Aaron Grenier (Olin’18).




Funded by a 2015 BOW Innovation Grant