BOW SGA Meeting






On February 20, 2016, members of the respective student governments of each of the constituent BOW campuses gathered together in fellowship on Wellesley College’s campus to discuss the current state and future of the collaboration.


Approximately 25 students from across the three campuses were split into groups following a whimsical icebreaker (where student leaders were required to act out the role of the name of an animal written on a small slip of paper) and led through a series of guiding questions to open up interinstitutional dialogue. Topics included pre-existing administrative structures used to deal with issues of transportation and cross registration, as well as questions about the breadth and functionality of each individual student government.


When groups joined back together at the end of the afternoon for a brief talkback, one thing was clear: the very act of getting to know students from the other BOW campuses makes concerns about sticking out in a cross-registered class less intense.


Following the event, BOW ambassadors released the contact information of all attendees to the group in the hopes of continuing the connections that were initially made on the 20th. Moving forward, the ambassadors plan to host other targeted constituency meetings, as well as hosting info sessions addressing how to cross-register.


--Katelyn Campbell, BOW Student Ambassador, Wellesley College '17