Project Carbon Zero



Opportunity to receive funding for sustainability projects in the BOW Community.

The question about Global Warming is no longer "if", but "when".

Changing the Narrative

For the past few decades, humanity's narrative has been rapid, limitless growth at the expense of our planet's health. So much carbon has and continues to flood our atmosphere that our planet's climate is expected to change catastrophically in this century. The looming threat of climate change is so powerful that the US Government has declared it to be the greatest threat to humanity. While CODE is an organization of programmers, we recognize the dangers climate change poses on all of us; hence, we started Project Carbon Zero to encourage students OR faculty to create new solutions to lower our carbon footprint. Competitors submit a project plan and pitch their ideas to our panel of sustainability judges. 

First Place gets $1600 in funding - no strings attached/ no equity asked -and a free website developed by CODE. 
Second Place gets $700 - no strings attached/no equity asked - and a free website. 


Submissions begin April 1st. 

More info:

**A BOW Innovation Grant project**

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