2015 Wintersession Project--Acera School

The 2015 program took place from January 5th through the 16th.

This year, our partner was the Acera School, a K-8 school in Winchester, MA that emphasizes collaboration, creativity, leadership, critical thinking and problem solving.  Their students include high-ability students and accelerated learners with diverse strengths, profiles and interests. Potential projects include creating a plan for a new high school, revamping their Innovation Lab, or designing a workshop for change agent teachers interested in innovating the K-8 school system.

This year's Wintersession Coordinators were Ariana Chae (Olin), Elena Shaw (Wellesley) and Manusha Chereddy (Babson).

This year's participants were:

Babson students: John Quinn, Emily Jones, Alyssa Reisner, and Anthony Pronichenki.

Olin student: Michael Costello

Wellesley students: Kristen Jorgenson, Reba Meserve, Michelle Chung, and Xiao Lin Lei.


Click HERE for a copy of their presentation.

On Friday, January 16th, the 2015 Wintersession group presented their work to Acera administrators and BOW faculty and staff.